ASK YOUR STATE SENATOR TO SUPPORT HD18-1391 TO REQUIRE COLLEGES TO ADOPT POLICIES ON SEXUAL MISCONDUCT: Bill HD18-1391 has been approved by the Colorado House. The Senate has 3 days to assign the bill to a committee of reference. We will know between 4/18-4/23 which committee the bill has been assigned to. PLEASE CONTACT YOUR STATE SENATOR TO VOICE YOUR SUPPORT AND URGE A YES VOTE. Here are some key points:

– Sexual violence affects 1 in 5 women and 1 in 16 men on college campuses. Only 12% of victims report the assault. Sexual violence has a profound effect on our communities with 34% of college student survivors experiencing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, 33% experiencing depression, and 40% abusing drug and alcohol as means to self-medicate.

– HB18-1391 helps by:
– Establishing new transparency standards by making policies easily accessible to current and prospective students, families, and friends.
– Utilizing an equitable standard of proof which assumes no wrongdoing of either party for investigating cases of sexual misconduct;
– Prohibiting the use of unrelated sexual history of either party to be considered as facts of the case;
-Streamlining procedures by allowing both the complainant and respondent to submit questions for one another to the individual or individuals participating in investigative process to allow both party’s equal right to be heard and prohibit the harmful practice of direct cross-examination of either party
– Eliminating a barrier to reporting by establishing policies that prevent survivors from being found in violation of the campus code of conduct for behaviors such as underage drinking if/when reporting sexual misconduct to the institution

Link to Bill:

Tip from DWBC’s own Susan Boucher:

Colorado General Assembly then click on “Find a Bill”  and type in HD18-1391.  The bill will come up – then click on its title.  Then scroll down to “Bill History.”  Click on bill history.  Once the bill drops in the Senate it will be assigned to a committee.  So keep looking – it may take a couple of days.

Once you know the committee, you can click on Committees across the top and find it.  Its members will come up along with their contact info.  INDIVIDUAL emails – not blasts – are most effective.